Swedish Brain Power ends

23 May 2018

Twitter bakgrundsbildIt’s with sadness in our hearts that we have to announce that our successful research program and network, Swedish Brain Power, will end and that this website, with its associated facebook and twitter account, will end on June 7th.


Swedish Brain Power started on July 1, 2005 as a five-year project, supported by a conglomerate of public and private Swedish research financiers (Vinnova, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Vårdal Foundation, Foundation for strategic research, KK Foundation and Invest in Sweden Agency). The ambition was to engage the most competent researchers from different disciplines to get together and find effective treatment and remedies for a group of today’s most difficult diseases – dementia.


The result became a unique multidisciplinary network of Swedish committed and world-leading researchers covering the entire chain from basic research, genetics and biomarkers to diagnostics, treatment, neuropsychology, epidemiology, nursing and health economics.


After two and a half years, Swedish Brain Power’s program was evaluated by a group of international experts who already then referred to it as a “success”. Before the end of the program Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation therefore decided to provide continued support for another five years until July 2015.


The interdisciplinary cooperation in Swedish Brain Power has given rise to a variety of doctoral dissertations and scientific articles of the highest grade. A research result in class with some of the world’s foremost universities.


The network has grown and extends today far beyond Sweden’s borders. This has contributed to the Swedish Brain Power becoming internationally known and even a model for similar initiatives in research collaboration in other European countries.


All research in Swedish Brain Power has been conducted with the aim that research results should benefit patients as quickly as possible. On the whole, spreading of knowledge about dementia diseases to healthcare, patients, relatives, authorities and the general public has been a central part of Swedish Brain Power’s mission. The network’s researchers have therefore lectured, arranged and participated in countless numbers of conferences, symposiums, seminars and have often been interviewed in the media.


But now it’s over. Swedish Brain Power has unfortunately failed to find any new financier. We therefore need to end the program, shut down this website and dissolve the network. Many of the collaborations between researchers that Swedish Brain Power have given rise to will of course continue. For that we are both happy and proud. Swedish Brain Power has shown how successful it can be. Perhaps we have been before our time with a more organized cross-border thinking, but in the future it will be even more important if we are to meet the major challenges that dementia poses for both individuals and our entire society.


For Swedish Brain Power
Bengt Winblad (director)
Gunilla Johansson (adm coordinator)


PS. Anyone interested in more facts about Swedish Brain Power’s history can visit the website and read until June 7th. DS.

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