Ingmar Skoog gets major research prize

22 Jan 2018
Ingmar Skoog

Ingmar Skoog

Professor Ingmar Skoog, psychiatrist and director of the Center for aging and health (AgeCap) at the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, and a member of Swedish Brain Power, has been awarded the Alzheimer Foundation’s major research prize.


Ingmar Skoog and his research team conduct the multidisciplinary population-based H70 study, which examines people who, after examinations with magnetic camera or spinal fluid, have been found to have signs of Alzheimer’s disease, but still do not show symptoms of the disease.


– Among a group of normal 70-year-olds more than 40% had values of beta-amyloid or tau, although they did not show any dementia-like symptoms. Thanks to the funding, we will be able to follow up these people after five years with clinical tests including magnetic cameras and spinal fluid to see if they developed cognitive symptoms, says Ingmar Skoog.


The prize amount to SEK 2.5 million.

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