Tau linked to worse episodic memory

15 Jun 2017

In a new study at Karolinska Institutet, researchers have measured how the harmful protein tau is spread in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease. The results show that large amounts of tau in the brain can be linked to a worse episodic memory, but the accumulation and dissemination rate varies considerably between individuals.


The protein tau has long been linked to Alzheimer’s. Already at an early stage of the disease, tau accumulate in the brain cells.


nordberg_agneta– It has been an international struggle to measure tau spread and probably we are first. No-one has previously reported how tau-accumulation is spread after 17 months in the course of the disease. The results can increase the understanding of tau accumulation in Alzheimer’s and help the ongoing research to measure the effect of vaccines against tau, but also enable early diagnosis, says Swedish Brain Power member Agneta Nordberg, professor at the Department of Neurobiology, Health Sciences and Society at Karolinska Institutet.


The study included 16 patients in various stages of Alzheimer’s from the Memory Reception, Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge.


Link to the publication in Molecular Psychiatry.


Read more here (in Swedish).


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