Swedish Brain Power-dominated publication top-ranked in the world

23 May 2017

cov200hA Swedish Brain Power-dominated report in The Lancet Neurology published in March last year is now ranked as one of the most quoted in the world on the Web of Science.


The scientific journal The Lancet Neurology spent its entire March issue last year on a report from an expert commission on how the fight against dementia should be pursued in the future. The Expert Commission was led by Swedish Brain Powers director, Professor Bengt Winblad, with the participation of several Swedish Brain Power members (see article here). According to the scientific site Web of Science, the publication is now classified as “hot stuff” and one of the most quoted in the world. This means that it is among the 0.1 percent of the most cited publications the last two years in the field of neuroscience and behavior.


– Our article is comprehensive and demonstrates that a joint research effort in all areas of the disease is our biggest and only opportunity to meet this “ticking cost bomb” and improve human health, says Bengt Winblad, Professor of Geriatrics at the KI Neurobiology Department , Health sciences and society.


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Link to a summary of the Lancet Commission recommendations (in Swedish).

Link to the entire report in The Lancet Neurology.

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