Vaccine against Alzheimer’s show positive results!

10 Dec 2016

The first study with active vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease in humans show positive results! The researchers, including Swedish Brain Power’s director, Professor Bengt Winblad, has noted positive immune response without significant adverse effects in 29 of 30 patients. The study is published in the prestigious journal Lancet Neurology.


Bengt Winblad– I see this work as a breakthrough and a possibility of a new treatment, now focused towards the other hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, namely the pathologically altered tau protein, says Bengt Winblad who have been involved in the management group for the study.


The 21 international researchers behind the study have developed a vaccine that stimulates production of an antibody specifically focused on combating pathological changes of the protein tau. So far, many of the antibody-drug tested have focused on pathological amyloid plaques. This has resulted in serious side effects such as accumulation of fluid and inflammation of the brain. The present study shows no serious adverse effects related to the vaccine. On the contrary, researchers found that the drug’s safety and ability to induce an immune response is remarkable.


– The development of the vaccine is the fruit of 30 years of research by Professor Michal Novak in Bratislava whom I have had the pleasure of working with the past ten years. It shows how patience consuming drug development against Alzheimer’s is, says Bengt Winblad.


While many attempts to combat Alzheimer’s disease continues to be directed against the pathological changes of the protein amyloid, this study aims to harness the body’s ability to, with the help of vaccine, produce its own antibodies against the pathological changes of the protein tau. Although this study is in Phase 1, the hitherto successful results give the researchers hope that it may be the answer they are looking for to be able to stop the progression of this devastating disease.


Contact: Professor Bengt Winblad, Karolinska Institutet and Swedish Brain Power +46 70 632 6771.


Link to the article in Lancet Neurology

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