AlzeCure gets prestigious grant from USA

04 Nov 2015

AlzeCureAlzeCure gets nearly SEK 4 million from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) in New York for the development of a promising new treatment for Alzheimer’s.

– To receive this prestigious grant from ADDF is proof that we are on the right path toward a completely new class of drugs, says the Swedish Brain Power’s director Professor Bengt Winblad, one of the  founders of AlzeCure.


Researchers at AlzeCure are working with own technologies and new test methods in cooperation with the best in both academia and industry. One of their promising project involves influencing mechanism for regeneration of nerve cells and nerve cell processes in patients with Alzheimer’s. It is this project that now will have the opportunity to lift, thanks to the grant from ADDF in the United States.


Howard Fillit ADDFHoward Fillit, research director at ADDF, is deeply impressed by AlzeCures approach to early projects from the academy and evaluate them with industrial rigor.

– It is exactly this type of project in the absolute forefront of research we want to support in order to ensure continued development, he says.


The research foundation AlzeCure started in autumn 2012 by a group of prominent AstraZeneca researchers together with Bengt Winblad, supported by the Swedish Brain Power and the Alzheimer Foundation. The aim is to develop treatments for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases smarter and faster than the big pharmaceutical giants.


Read the press release with contact info here.

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