Bengt Winblad gets Brain Foundation Prize

18 Sep 2015

Bengt WinbladSwedish Brain Power’s director Professor Bengt Winblad, leading Alzheimer researcher at Karolinska Institutet have been awarded the Brain Foundation Jubilee Prize. It is the foundations first jubilee price and is on SEK 3 million.

– I am surprised and very happy, says Bengt Winblad.


The jubilee prize was established last year when the Swedish Brain Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary. In the motivation for the award the Brain Foundation Secretary General Gunilla Steinwall writes:


“Bengt Winblad has long been a unifying force and a public representative of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers and their families. We want to support his important contributions in the field with the hope, that in the near future, find a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.”


You have received a number of prices during your research career, and has also awards in your name. What does this award mean to you?

– Huge lot. It’s a real appropriation. The biggest thing I got in monetary terms. Now I can attract more talented students to Alzheimer’s research. It makes it possible to invest even more in basic and clinical research for the benefit of those affected by dementia.


What is most important to focus on right now?  

– To find out which brain mechanisms that cause dementia.


When will the Alzheimer’s riddle be solved do you think?

– There are several theories, but we are approaching a breakthrough. If we only get the resources needed may be about less than five years before we have a functioning drug.


You have turned 70 but maintains the same high working pace. No plans to slow down?

– No, this kind of stimulus gives new energy so I continue in full throttle. I also hope to persuade more donors to focus on brain research so that we can counter the threat of dementia diseases pose to both individuals and society.


The Prize will be presented at the International Alzheimer’s Day on September 21 by the the Swedish  Crown Princess Victoria.

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