Alarming increase in dementia in the world!

27 Aug 2015

The global increase in the number of people with brain diseases begin to reach epidemic dimensions, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International’s latest report.
– This is a global challenge of major proportions, and Sweden is no exception. Our politicians must urgently develop a national dementia plan, says Swedish Brain Power’s professor Anders Wimo, one of the experts behind the report.




Today 47 million people in the world suffer from severe brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, Lewy Body’s disease or other dementia diseases. The global cost of these incurable brain diseases is estimated at 818 billion US dollars per year. Currently a new case is detected every 3 seconds. This means that with the current rate, the number of dementia sufferers will double every 20th year, according to the latest World Alzheimer Report, which was presented recently.


Anders Wimo - version 2– The increase is alarming, especially in poor countries. This call for global cooperation and joint efforts to prevent disastrous consequences for both affected people and entire countries economy, says Anders Wimo.


Several European countries have heard the World Health Organization’s and the G7 / G20 meetings call for action earlier to prioritize dementia threat and established national dementia plans. Sweden still has none.


– It is embarrassing that we, as a rich country and prominent research nation, is not in the front in this matter. Society must now invest more in research to find a cure for this dreaded diseases. Admittedly, we keep on updating the National Board of Health guidelines in this respect, but it is not enough. To establish a national dementia plan requires a government initiative. I hope and believe it will be soon, says Anders Wimo.


Read the report here.

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